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is that the courts interpreted it to omagh, ply to goods made in the united states. the question that the supreme court's wrestling with is does the for sale doctrine extend to goods made overseas? that is the challenge in this case. >> so what product, what would this mean for consumers? what is at stake here for consumers with this case? >> there this could be disruptive for courages. it -- both on the buy side and the sell side. if you go out and you purchase a bicycle, you're now going have to figure out not only if it's made overseas, but if the manufacturer of the bicycle will allow you to rehill sell it or give it away to good will or donate it to someone, and you will have to go and make the decision with each product that you buy. >> and this could be the end of yard sales? potentially? what about ebay? >> and that can affect all markets across the board. farmland markets and swap meets, flea markets, eastern market in our backyard and that can impact charity and libraries. libraries will be a non, the most month the folks who will be most disrupted by this because if you're a library wi
control. >> we believe that is what it would do. the congress in the united states has a final say to vote the referendum up or down and hope that they will decide to take it back. >> reporter: the plan could not only give d.c. leaders full control of the budget, but also keep federal budget issues separate. >> it would keep federal disagreements over whatever issues are unrelated to the district government that result in a threat of or actual shutdown of the district government. the federal government tries to work out the disagreements. >> reporter: on the hill, congresswoman eleanor holmes norton made progress on budget autonomy. the council continues to support the efforts but believe that it's time to try something new. >> it allows us to produce a clean bill on our own. >> reporter: congresswoman norton's office issued legal issues it might be a risk and she'll continue to work with her allies on the hill to pass a budget autonomy bill, will. >> and that is a fight you will continue to cover for us. thank you. >> uh-huh. >> a major victory for democrats. the judge blocked the voter i
, six days out from election day. the president of the united states, the incumbent campaigning for a second term literally suspend operations on his campaign for 48 hours. the romney campaign has been trying to do the best they can in this situation to not say anything that could be termed inconvenience or challenging. mitt romney didn't mention president obama's name at this point. the stakes that the president is dealing with now, those are strong territories for the obama campaign: delaware, new jersey, new york. the obama campaign was not worried about those states n. a political sense, mind you, but clearly anything the president is doing now, the response to this crisis is being watched by the country as a whole, and when you have president obama in his role as president right now and mitt romney kind of relegated to the sidelines right now as the republican challenger, that is an advantage for the incumbent; however, we'll have to see that on tuesday whether or not this had any affect on this at all. >> absolutely, much more on how sandy is impacting the presidential ele
. >> the president of the united states of america! [ cheering ] >> reporter: later, he addressed supporters at a nearby campaign rale, part of his 48-hour campaign frenzy. >> i ve come to florida today to does ask you for your vote. >> reporter: there-from-there, it was off to richmond, virginia, for another rally. >> are you fired up? >> yeah! >> are you ready to go? >> yeah! >> reporter: the president spent the day painting republican challenger mitt romney has someone who, because he constantly switches positions, can't be trusted. >> trust matters. you want to know whoever is in the oval office is going to fight for you. >> the next president of the united states, mitt romney! >> reporter: mitt romney spent the entire day in ohio with events in worthington, defiance, and cincinnati. >> the obama campaign is slipping because he's talking about smaller and smaller things, despite the fact that america has huge challenges. >> reporter: poll suggests that obama has a narrow lead in ohio. romney is trying to tighten the gap saying the path the president has the country on now has no new answ
this time of year and you have these big snowstorms coming into the -- the western united states that usually bodes well for us. >> uh-huh. >> the opposite happens too you know. next week we may be on the receiving end of some much colder temperatures coming our way. look at all the color out there too. and you know these -- these longer nights and these cooler nights really help to facilitate those leaves changing colors. not so much these warm temperatures. cooler temperatures help too. but we're right here in the middle of a bit of the indian summer-type of situation. 77 washington. i know we haven't had the first freeze here in the city but we've had the first freeze in the suburbs and i think it qualifies. 82 degrees fredericksburg. 81 for culpeper and manassas right now. a wonderful 79 degrees. this is your evening forecast. there'll be some clouds but it's going to stay dry. so don't worry about it. and i suggest you get out there and enjoy it too because temperatures will be dropping down into the 60s and it will be real, real good. here's the nation and you can see tempe
to that is not to engage in violence but more speech and we held the protection of the first amendment here in the united states and the judge upheld that and in her ruling today. that is the correct way to go. >> robert, some people would say these are fighting words. yes, protect the speech indeed, but fighting words like going into a movie hevi olence. the reality, we have broad protection under the first amendment for good reason. i would think a news reporter like yourself would understand that and want that and someone who opposes the message being conveyed and if you upheld the restriction here, you're emboldening those who want to engage in violence to supress is speech. under the first amend thement, the government has a duty not to effectuate the hechteler's veto and intent on suppressing speech. the government's duty in roll error very to protect the speaker and uphold our freedom for free speech. >> clearly, robert, courts in two cities have agreed with your assertion. you did represent the blogger who wanted to get tho up. what city is next? >> they have been up in san francisco, up in new y
in the united states to receive a top crash test rating by an influential safety group. it's the first model jointly engineered and designed by fee aught and the chrysler group. the dart joins the hyundai santa fe, the lexus 350 and the subaru xv cross track. the rating by the insurance institute means that each car performed well in the crash test, evaluating front, side, and rear impacts as well as rollovers. >>> montgomery county high school students are learning the dangers of drinking and driving ahead of the homecoming dances. that demonstration was held today. the entire student body rushed out of the class to observe blood-covered victims, emergency response and the arrest. students think the demonstration is a good reminder for other teenagers. >> when we see things like this all over the country, we read about it but having it up close and personal with us is horrific. >> the students acted also and a reminder, every 15 minutes, someone in the u.s. is injured or killed in a crash with someone driving drunk. >>> coming up, the d.c. council member cracks down on flyers littering neig
/2 million of the cars were sole in the united states and the faulty switch is linked to several hundred reports of smoke and fires. customers will be contacted by the car dealer. >>> and a good looking day today, gary and that is for sure. >> a little fog this morning. >> yeah. >> and lots of sunshine. >> and entoiling the day? >> -- enjoying the day? >> you think he knows what is behind fox 5? and that is on his face. >>> game 5 is on at 4:00 and we'll talk about that. hold o. the game time tomorrow is going to be be 4:00. that's right, and they will stick around and i think tomorrow is going to be a little bit cooler out there and this is your game time for tomorrow. for game 4, it's at 4:00. tomorrow, the big headline is that tomorrow is going to be cooler than today and there is that breeze. it should come down and around 60 degrees and sunny. with the sun setting now and at 7:15 or so, it will cool off quickly and temperatures will fall into the 50s. dress accordingly. maybe layers and can you add the jacket later o.70 in town, just gorgeous; quantico, 59; western suburbs around wi
information and want knowledge and respect that and that is one of the strings of of our system in the united states. i hope they so that as a gift and support. >> sandwich power. >> that's right. >> i read it as a young girl, my mommy gave it to me. >> exactly. >> and thank you very much for being with us, cindy pearson. >> you're welcome. >>> many parents go out of their way to give their kids organic food. the results of a new study just ahead. ahead. [ mitt romney ] we have to work on a collaborative basis. look, the reason i'm in this race is there are people that are really hurting today in this country. and we face this deficit -- could crush the future generations. and republicans and democrats both love america but we need to have leadership -- leadership in washington that will actually bring people together and get the job done and could not care less if it's a republican or a democrat. i've done it before, i'll do it again. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. . >>> in tonight's health alert, a new studdie from the american academy of pediatrics about the merits of feeding
of the united states and that will undoubtedly bring the cool air in and what has happened the last few days, believe it or not, we have been under the high pressure and with this notice around, the counterclockwise flow keeps coming up along the stationary boundary off to the east of us and we kind of lock in this cool breeze. from time to time we have a shower coming through and that is on the cool side. overnight tonight, we're going to so this again and we may end up getting a little bit of drizzle and some fog persistent out there and we may wake up to that tomorrow morning. i don't think that is going to be for everybody. i think that the best risk of this will be east-southeast of the metro. if you're in the western- northwestern neighborhoods, while i think you will end up with clouds, i don't think that we'll end up waking up with a lot of drizzle or fog. it's 61 now, we had enough sunshine, just a little bit, helping warm us into the lower 60s. some places into the 50s and not to low, continuing with mostly cloudy conditions and that is looking like fog and drizzle and that is goin
in the caribbean, and now it's moving back on to land here in the united states in our most densely plated areas. please stay indoors. we're not trying to scare anyone; but we are being honest. this is a dangerous storm, and you need the stay indoors. one incident to update you on in richfield. some of you go to the miller toss clambake in the summer on your way, way to the right, there's a housing community there called summer's cove. with the tidal surge that came up within the last couple of hours, it raiseed the water level such that it's about 3 feet of water spread all over the ground waters of summers cove. so serious as etc. from the volunteer fire department to johnson is here with us to the dnr, and their water as etc. are removing people from there. i don't know if you've been in chrisfield when it rains. that lower end takes to tend on a lot of water not unlike the downtown of ocean city in big rains. >>> that's about the holiday yen at the boardwalk. 17th street. you can see the ocean pouring over the breakwall on to the boardwalk at 17th street. looks like a reporter getting a litt
's wrath, deaths, flooding and outages, the storm being blamed for more than 30 deaths in the united states, two in maryland, one in west virginia, 8.2 million homes and businesses still without power, a major disaster declaration declared in new york and long island. d.c. got lucky when you compare it to other areas. the city fared well during sandy. as the weather cleared mayor gray took a tour of the damage. matt ackland was with him and joins us now from northwest. >> reporter: there's a lot of clean-up taking place here in the district throughout the city. we're here in upper northwest just off wisconsin avenue. look over my shoulder. you c
there are now 442,000 cases and the united states because of the new guidelines and over 600 a year here in d.c. >> so even a small amount of lead exposure could be associated with say learning difficulties? >> equivalent three granules of sugar of leaded dust which breaks down from old lead based paint because of renovation or age is the amount it takes to poison a child for their lifetime. >> so not much. when and how can parents get their children tested? >> they can contact washington -- the city of washington's health department or they can call us at 800-370- 800-370- 5323 and we can connect this with testing in their home and for the child. >> in maryland many cases you are seeing are in middle class families, right? >> the majority of children outside the city of baltimore are coming from homeowner occupied middle class families, that's right. >> there's new maryland legislation that could impact thousands of families doing renovation. >> at the end of every renovation in an older home built before 1978, the year that lead based paint was banned, you now have to get a lead dust clear
as president of the united states. >> president obama firing up the crowd during his second campaign stop in george mason university. we're going to begin the news edge on the campaign trail as the president turned up the heat on women's issues, such as birth control, healthcare and equal pay. as tom fit gerald shows us, the president is getting down to business in the final weeks before the election. >> reporter: virginia congressman jerry connelly wasted no time illustrating the
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